Notable experiences with characters from lucid dreams

by Rev. Dick Tucker

It’s been a while since my last update on lucid dreaming. I have plenty of notepads filled with experiences so I’m not really sure why I haven’t published anything in a while. I guess I just keep putting it off, although not for any real reason I don’t think.

It seems I do not have a choice but to lucid dream these days. I will perform a reality check subconsciously in the majority of my dreams whether I like it or not. This has begun to take its toll as I find I am interrupting my sleeping pattern more frequently than before, sometimes before important events or when I have to get up early, resulting in me being very tired and disorientated the next day.

I guess I am kind of going back on myself from my last entry when I said lucid dreaming was harmless. Well, I guess it still is, but I am suffering. Don’t get me wrong though, there is a part of me that still enjoys the experience itself. It’s just the after effects that are starting to get to me.

There have been a few strange occurrences during my lucid dreams that I thought worth mentioning. All of these observations are regarding the characters in my dreams, some of them familiar and some not. It is also perhaps worth noting that I am not as confident in my abilities as I once was; when I do become lucid I tend to have less control over my surroundings and the events of my dreams than I used to. I feel this is my subconscious’ doing. Hopefully you’ll see what I mean:


1) I have noticed an increase in characters who seem to be trying to confuse me, and who sometimes trick me into losing my lucidity.

For example I have a dream jotted down dated from December last year. A phone rang and a man at the front desk of a hotel told me it was for me. Considering myself in control of the dream, I was both intrigued and nervous about this random event manifesting from nowhere. It ended up being an ex-girlfriend and I was so excited to talk to her I was completely pulled from my lucidity back into the narrative of the dream. I never realised until I woke up.

Another time I was relaxing at my old home and I checked my watch. I check it again immediately afterwards and noticed it was showing a different time, so I attained lucidity. When I looked up I found myself at my friend’s place all of a sudden. I said to him “I’m dreaming! I checked my watch and the time had changed!” and he just says “Yeah, because last time you checked you were at your own home.” This was apparently feasible enough for me to lose lucidity, and the dream progressed as though this minor lucid moment never happened.

I have a few more instances of this type of character. I have a theory that their appearance is my subconscious intentionally trying to derail my experiences, to put me back into a natural sleep. It makes sense to me, lucid dreaming is unnatural whereas subconscious control is not.


2) Something else I have noticed is that it is possible to make dream characters act very strange by asking them specific questions. I guess you lucid dreamers out there could try it yourselves, ask them about your dream world and lucid dreams. Sometimes they try and trick you out of lucidity. Sometimes they just get confused. Once a woman just stared at me with horrible eyes as though I had done something I wasn’t supposed to, then was always watching from somewhere distant for the rest of the dream. It was very unsettling.

Another interesting thing to do to dream characters is tell them that they are dreaming. In my experience it often causes them to react strangely. One woman comes to mind, who responded with a puzzled look and began to act like a glitching machine. Another time I told a man who stared at me in silence for a long time before I noticed his face was gradually warping in a way that can only be described as disturbing.


3) Probably the most unsettling repeating event is the sensation that I am being hunted out when I have lucid dreams. Again, I think the best way to explain this is through a few examples:

a) In one instance in February I still remember scribbling down a dream upon awakening in which I was flying, an act that never seems gets old. Below me a group of people were running away and instantly I knew something was up. The atmosphere changed the same way it always does when something is going wrong, so I landed to see what was happening.

One of the people (who I know in the real world but whose identity is not important) approached and told me to run. He looked behind him, eyes widened, shouted, then took off. When I turned around there was a tall figure whose feet and legs were dragging behind it as it approached in a way I find difficult to describe in any more detail. I can’t remember what its face looked like but I remember being rooted to the spot in terror. It asked if I had just been flying. I denied it. Somehow I knew it was looking for lucid dreamers and catching them.

b) There was another dream where I was in a public square resembling castle grounds, bordered by some dark bazaar. There was a raised platform in the centre and gallows towering over us. All around me was a crowd and I remember not being able to move much because we were packed so tight.

A man slowly climbed onto the raised platform with the gallows and made an announcement that there was a ‘dreamer’ among us. He said that everyone was to look into another’s eyes. I didn’t like the sound of that. It was so quiet. It only took a moment for everyone to be staring at me, all these heads turned to me watching in silence, some of them inches away at most. Then the guy closest to me said ‘I think you better wake up now’ and I did.

c) One of my more recent dreams was a few weeks ago. I was lying on my bed at home and there came a sharp knocking on the door. As I said before, I live alone.

I was frightened. Then came another sharp knocking, this time more urgent. A voice came dark and indescribable like reversed speech. It told me it had caught me trying to lucid dream and that it knew I had been doing it for a while. It said that I was forbidden from coming back and that the next time I done it it would be waiting for me. Then the door flew open and battered against the wall, waking me up with a start.


I have much more material from my dreams but this is all I am going to publish for now. I will try and structure more correlations like the relations between characters because I’m pretty sure there are more, although to be honest I would rather not be waking up all the time and feeling terrible, and have been taking steps in trying to get my sleeping pattern back to normal.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this.