ARM WTCHS FNGRS – Essential Tremor

by Rev. Dick Tucker

1. Anima
2. Zzzenith
3. Super Fluid
4. Amalgam Blues
5. Obsidian
6. Cosmic Tips
7. Playdrome

Startled clusters of balloons loop as helicopters tear past. Figures lying unconscious in gleaming pools of colour. Dated technology still as dependable as ever. Essential Tremor is a vibrant battle where there are no deaths and everyone goes home happy.

(1) Peter buys that computer game everyone is talking about. When his mother finally wrenches out the plug it is suddenly obvious that he has not eaten in six days. (2) A formation of jets spiral towards a pink horizon. Bursts of colour up ahead where the fighting rages on. (3) Subterranean tunnels between cities lit ice blue. A band of teenagers gather alongside traffic. An android breakdancing to great applause. (4) The machine responsible for happiness needs a minor recalibration. Agitated citizens queue for cups of its positivity. One sip and they bounce away with delight. (5) Juddering spies operate with clockwork efficiency. They emerge onto a battlefield as the most vivid detonations begin marking the sky. (6) As the cargo bay door opens men prepare to jump. One by one they drop through iridescent spirals of cloud. When they hit the ocean it is for a moment quiet. Upon resurfacing the sky is more chaotic than ever. (7) Diverse children discover a hidden chromatic garden. Obscure insects dance around fragmented light seemingly cast from a prism.


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