Fragile X – Aurora

by Rev. Dick Tucker

1. Glass Delusion (3:37)
2. Viciouscounterpoperosion (3:59)
3. Möbius (6:13)
4. Byronic Hero (4:49)
5. Eros (Love and Other Feelings) (2:19)
6. Eigengrau (1.54)
7. Bedlight Sonata (2:35)
8. Glasgow Coma Scale (Part 2: The Recovery Sequence) (5:37)

Aurora is a multicultural future where things are finally looking up for humanity. Darkness however still exists in concealed pockets. Here lie sparse worlds carrying more than they initially let on. Dulcet layers available to the most attentive of ears.

(1) With tired hands the oriental plays a final composition. Relatives solemnly gather around his deathbed to listen. (2) At night the roads and skies streak blue with traffic. A hovercab brings an awestruck passenger deep into the city. (3) Successions of transparent displays light a vast spaceport. Alluring hieroglyphics urge holiday-goers to select a destination. (4) Androids with pool cues smoke electronic cigarettes in a dark backroom. One with curves moves seductively atop a podium. (5) An elaborate sound system is brought to life via artificial intelligence. Scientists listen to it express itself for the first time. (6) As you gaze out over the twinkling city you think to yourself So this is what love feels like. (7) The commander’s mind has not been stable as of late. As he watches a lenticular galaxy collapse in on itself everything seems so pointless. (8) Computers blip with melody down hospital corridors. A nurse with a radiant smile assures you that everything will be okay. (9) Outside city limits a forsaken machine reactivates. Its worn radio picks up an archive transmission from a culture long-elapsed.


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