Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Songs From the Beehive

by Rev. Dick Tucker

1. Love the One You’re With (11:48)
2. Velvet Paws (14:01)
3. Honey (13:21)
4. Like a Restless Sea (5:52)
5. Come in (6:58)
6. Mothercorn (6:38)
7. Radar (20:50)

Songs From the Beehive: waters subject to violent motion, but only for brief moments. In time they always return to a soothing rhythm. There are machines present too, lingering mostly in abandoned buildings. Persistent sounds traveling far from their origin.

(1) Glass elevators rise past marine life and bright submersibles. Eventually they break from the ocean towards the sky. (2) Sea water lapping at the inside of a cave. Dancing light thrown against stalactites. (3) Abandoned corridors marked with rubble and the occasional disemboweled machine. Groups of commandos pressed against walls. (4) Archaic sensory equipment detects another submarine. The geriatric’s words still haunt your dreams. (5) An android systematically patrolling an old tunnel. Gravel and ash crunch underfoot. (6) Tracts of water flooding derelict chambers. Another computer taking readings. Ahead, a figure rifles through debris. (7) Corridors flood with light as the vessel boots up. Grainy surveillance recordings of its exterior in space. Upon acceleration, stars go by in elongated trails.