Andron Electron – Transcend

by Rev. Dick Tucker

1. Leaves (8:29)
2. Evening Time (5:10)
3. Spooky (6:51)
4. Channel D (7:22)
5. Nanocloud (3:11)

There is nothing digital to be found in Transcend, only manifestations of an era that exist in the spirit of those it touched. Despite the terrain, this journey is often peaceful. Old drum machines act as accompaniment through a network of blinking computers.

(1) An underwater tunnel. Figures shimmering in splintered light. Inquisitive marine life occasionally tapping glass. (2) A myrtle city dormant on the sea bed. Analogue sensors urgently scan its architecture for life. But there is nothing earthly to be found. (3) Progressing deeper into the woods only brings further claustrophobia. At one point you break into a run. The sensation of being followed is overwhelming. (4) A draconian virus wreaks havoc within an immense computer. Pneumatic components stuck on chaotic loops. Programs crashing and becoming still. It is a long way to the other side of the motherboard and there is little time. (5) That cup of tea done the trick. After much determination the end is now in sight.


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